Slow Brew Methods Class

May 4 at 9 am.

Learn how to perfect your French Press and pour over skills. 
This class is $5 to attend and must be prepaid at Cafe Arnone. 

Gelato Happy Hour

May 10 at 9 am. 

Learn about your favoite treat... Gelato
This class is $10  to attend and must be prepaid. 

Espresso Class 

May 18 at 9 am. 

Explore the world of espresso and learn tips to pull the perfect shot. We will be talking about the Moka Pot, a classic espresso machine, and matcha green tea!
This class is $5 and must be prepaid.

Patio Launch Party!

May 17 from 4-9 pm. 

Come celebrate summer at Cafe Arnone by trying our new summer food, gelato, and drink menu! Each attendee will recieve one full summer drink. 
Purchase tickets at Cafe Arnone the next time you stop by.